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First Bangladeshi Government site in Unicode!

Bangladesh Government is too lazy to make their site well enough to read. Many of them are too old and many of them have no knowledge of latest technology. But we are happy to let you know that recently Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board are using Unicode Bangla for their site. Not only Unicode Bangla, but also Ekushey solutions. They are encouraging people to use SolaimanLipi font.

ThankYou! BTTB for understanding the future of Bangla Computing!

Ekushey Unicode Bangla solutions for Mac OS X Released

It’s being a pleasure for us to introduce Mac OS X with Unicode Based Bangla solutions. Mac used had many Bangla typing solutions before. But as you know typing and computing is not same thing. We are pioneer for Windows, Linux Unicode Bangla typing and computing solutions as well and now we released them for OS X.

We think Bangla speaking people around the world who like to see their language on a Mac PC, this is the perfect universal solution. It would be helpful to them also who are afraid of a Mac PC because they afraid they cannot use their language on a Mac and never looked for it. Now we think we’ve changed the whole vision and anyone us free to use Bangla language anywhere.

Be with us, because your company is only what we need.!

Somewherein… Blog is using Ekushey font

The most popular blogging craze of Bangladesh Somewherein Blog is using Ekushey’s Rupali font.

From a long time Ekushey developers ware pinging Somewherein developers for presenting the Blog in Unicode. Now they made a hybrid system so that users can decide which version they want to use. Thanks for the understanding and thanks for adopting Ekushey solution.

Rupali font is updated with high quality glyphs!

Our Designer + Open Type font developer made Rupali 4 years ago. It was unique of it’s kind. But more quality demand came from the users time to time and we felt we should deliver our best to the community.

So here we come with our best (so far) solution and Rupali is now decorated with High Quality glyphs. Still the font is not hinted, cause we don’t feel we should spend so much time behind hinting and make the font look good in small point of size. If you cannot see the font clearly in smaller sizes, it’s Microsoft’s fault not our’s. The same font looks great in Linux. So.... :)

Also there is a big change in the licensing. We ware using GPL public license for distributing fonts. But the GPL license for font is controversial. So we decided to use something better and not GPL also not controversial. So from now on all fonts will be released under OFL. Open Font License. You can learn more about OFL from here.

You can download the newer version from here.

Ekushey OS X Projects

From a long time Ekushey member Raiyan Kabir is doing huge research on Mac port of Bangla Unicode. Apple Inc. is also very helpful regarding the development and with the help of Apple, he did huge success on Ekushey Unicode Bangla solutions for Mac OS X.

The release is in final stage but we have to do some more Research and Development before we release it to public. So Mac users, you don’t need to be upset any more, you are going to have Mac version of Ekushey Unicode solutions very soon.

The release will be available from here.

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