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  • Bengali typists everywhere can easily update their technology to Bangla Unicode. The project Shadhinota is here to give you Unicode based Bangla computing solutions, which is absolutely free!!!
  • The goal of Ekushey project is to make Bangla computing free and easy. Under this project we are developing input systems that enables Unicode input with many popular (Bangla) keyboard layouts that are familiar to all Bangla speaking community around the world. This is needed since the official Microsoft Bangla Layout is based on the Indian INSCRIPT layout, which is not familiar to most Bangla speaking community. Finally they are free to download and use.
  • This keyboard interface sits seamlessly in the system tray and implements the keyboard of your choice. Be independent with your choice from our collection of popular layouts, including UniJoy, National, iNSCRIPT, Rupali. You can download the keyboard input systems absolutely free from our project pages. Enjoy free bangla typing with all those input systems.
  • Unicode uses the 'phonetic' input method which may be a bother if you're used to the older 'graphic' method. Die-hard oldies can still use Ekushey Macros for Word (which supports both methods) but you are recommended to switch over to the faster 'phonetic' method.
  • No only Bangla. Our goal is to provide typing support for Assamese language. Most of our developed keyboard managers has Assamese language support. So it is also another advantage of using Ekusheyr Shadhinota keyboard managers.