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Ekushey Unicode Bangla fonts for OS X

Ekushey for OS X

If you are looking for Phonetic Bangla keyboard, please visit Bangla-onkur. They have released a phonetic Bangla keyboard for Mac. Also you can find 10.6 compatible font in onkur website.

Ekushey is proud to announce the first Unicode Bangla solution for Mac OS X.

Our solution works system wide. Our package includes 2 unicode Bangla fonts and 2 different Bangla keyboard layouts.

The fonts and keyboard layouts are already available for Windows from Ekushey font and keyboard project.

Our Mac OS X project is to convert the fonts and keyboard layouts available from Ekushey for Mac OS X. Although 7 keyboard layouts for Windows and 11 OpenType fonts for Windows and Linux are available, we managed to convert only 2 of those 11 fonts and 2 of the 7 keyboard layouts for the first release.

We welcome Mac users to use our Unicode Bangla solutions absolutely free! Feel free to download and use them and please send us your comments, suggestion and criticism.

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