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Ekusheyr Shadhinota "Munir Unicode " Layout

This the most popular layout for Bangla typists. This layout is very similar to Munir Optima Layout. Bangla typewriter users can easily learn this Unicode version and use it for their daily use.

It is a modified version of the original Munir Layout. The change was needed for making the Layout Unicode Compatible. You know that Computer is not a typewriter and you have to follow at least some rules in computer.

This is our first initiative for making Unicode version of the typical Munir Layout. So still problems may remain in it. Please send us your feedback for future improvements.

Image from http://www.ekushey.org Click here to download the Bangla Keyboard input system Installer.

Image from http://www.ekushey.org Click here to Download/View Unicode Keyboard Conjunction List.

..The Layout..

Image from http://www.ekushey.org
Normal Mode

Image from http://www.ekushey.org
Shift Mode

Image from http://www.ekushey.org
AltGr (Right Alt Key) Mode