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What is Unicode?
Unicode is a two byte character coding system which covers almost all characters of all languages of the world. Read what Unicode says about itself in Bangla from here. Find more information on Unicode from here.

What are the differences between Ekushey’s Unicode based solution and other solutions available in the market?
There are many solutions for Bangla typing available in the market. Most of them are ASCII based hacked system. Ekushey's solution is a unique solution which has been developed to work system wide and adopted by almost all operating systems and software industry. As a result, you can use it any where in the OS X. You can write files and folders names in Bangla in Finder, give songs Bangla names in iTunes, give database entry in Bangla, e-mail in Bangla with you PC counterparts who have Windows or Linux installed on there PCs, Chat in MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, AIM etc. in Bangla, manage you Address Book entries and iCal calendars in Bangla, browse Unicode Bangla web sites with Safari and lot more things.

Will all the Juktakkhors support? How can I type Juktakkhors?
We have a list for typing conjuncts, you can follow that and type. You don't need to do anything else. You can download the list from here...

I'm using a Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia software. It seems that the ligatures do not working in these software. What's the problem?
Currently Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia are not developing software's with unicode indic script support for Mac. As a result, all Indian scripts like Devnagari, Tamil, Thai, Gujrati, Gurumukhi, Bengali etc. are unsupported on MacOS X. We are very sorry to say that, but we cannot support these software's at this point. Adobe and Microsoft are working on OpenType solution for Indic scripts. But it's hard to say when they will be available. Whenever Microsoft releases there OpenType support of indic script on Mac, Ekushey will publish OpenType and AAT combo fonts to make those software support unicode Bangla in future.

I’m using Firefox/ Camino. I cannot see unicode Bangla web sites properly. Why?
Like Microsoft and Adobe, Mozilla does not support native Unicode solution in MacOS X. As a result, the ligatures and all other unicode features are not supported in Gecho Web rendering engine. So, Browsers from Mozilla (Firefox, Camino) will not work at this time. Use Safari to view Bangla web sites on your Mac. Mozilla is going to make their own script rendering engine. We are working with them for implementing Bangla, so we hope you'll get Bangla Unicode support on future versions of FireFox or Camino.

I got a document from one of my PC friend. I'm having problem seeing Okaar and Aukaar. Why?
There are two forms of unicode Okaar and Aukaar for Bangla. Composed form and decomposed form. In Windows, Linux etc. the composed form is used. But in Mac OS X 10.4.x and earlier, there is a bug in the Cocoa API's unicode rendering engine. Apple is working to remove the bug. We hope they will remove it in 10.5 (Leopard). Our font is ready to display Okaar and Aukaar. When Apple will come up with the solution, our fonts will show them properly.

Meanwhile, you can use Apples Pages to open document files. NeoOffice should show them properly. For the time being we are using the decomposed version of Okaar and Aukaar. As a result, documents written on a Mac will be readable in all platform and some application in Mac may not display unicode Bangla documents written in other platform correctly.

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