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Download Ekushey Unicode Bangla Solutions for OS X

Ekushey for Mac

Please feel free to download anything from here. Our developed work is 100% free of any sort of charges.
Font Download:
Font Download

Click Here to download the Unicode Bangla fonts for Mac. All available fonts are packed in a single font installation file.

Due to a bug in the rendering system of Mac OS X 10.6 these fonts are incompatible with 10.6. Please download 10.6 compatible fonts from onkur website.

Keyboard Layout Download:
Keyboard Manager Download

To download the Unicode Bangla keyboards for Mac, click here. All available keyboard layouts are packed in a single font installation file.

If you are looking for Phonetic keyboard for Mac , you can download Bangla-onkur from onkur website

Extras Download:
All Together

Click here to get the Extra. Currently the extras include only a font collection file. After installation of Unicode Bangla fonts, copy the collection file to ~/Library/FontCollections folder. See Help section for more detail.

Click Here to download the conjunct (Juktakkhor) typing guide.

Let us know how you feel about our Bangla Computing Solutions for Mac OS X. Send us your feedback, suggestion, criticism by filling up this form.
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