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Contributors of Ekushey

Many people have helped us with Ekushey indirectly, but the main contributors are as follows

Dr. Robin Upton - "Being good at something is no substitute for being devoted to it"

  • Started Altruists International as a means to help people help people.

  • Robin looked for a free Bengali typing system to help him learn the language in 1997/8. Ekushey Projects sprang from his exasperation that no freeware was available. He has been responsible for design, programming, documentation and publicity of Ekushey Typing system from 1998.

  • Robin Upton
Omi Azad - "People learn very fast"
  • Joined Altruists International as a Graphic Designer. His interests have since shifted from Video Editing & Graphic design to Web Site development and he has recently become an expert in TTF and OTF Font technology. He is also an MVP from Microsoft Inc.

  • Initiated Ekusheyr Shadhinota keyboard manager project. He has worked with Microsoft to help them develop Bengali OTF & Uniscribe Rendering engine for Bangla. He also tested the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator and currently testing the Microsoft Unicode Uniscribe Text Engine for Bangla & Microsoft Official OTF Bangla fonts.

  • Omi Azad
Raiyan Kabir - "I have a faster Mac now!"
  • Initiated Ekushey OS X project and maintaining the entire project. He is the guy who made Bangla computing with Unicode technologies possible on OS X platform.

  • Raiyan
Hasin Hayder - "Its so much fun to develop localized apps!"
  • Initiated the Ekusheyr Chithi project for Internet communication in the Bangla language. Recently he finished world's first Online Bangla Dictionary and contributing for BanglaExpress assisted by Systech Digital.

  • He developed his skills on Web Application. Officially he worked for companies like PageFlakes, Somewherein & Trippert Labs. At present he is working in i2we as a Web Application Engineer.

  • He successfully wrote 4 books on Web Application (Smarty for PHP Template Designers, Wordpress Complete, Object oriented programming with PHP5 & Learning Facebook Application Development). As his expertise in Web App, he find out some way for browser based IME and initiated the Browser IME & Wordpress Bangla IME projects.

  • Hasin Hayder
Sabuj Kundu - "Thinking!"
  • Sabuj Kundu as known as manchumahara took part for the Bengali localization and customization of phpbb3 forum engine on behalf of amaderprojukti.com. Recently he developed the web version of probhat keyboard layout. He likes to work for bangla computing and he wants to make his career as a web engineer.

  • Manchumahara
S M Ibrahim - "Everything possible in the world of Linux"
  • Lavlu works in Somewherein, and he is currently in the PHP application. Recently Lavlu updated the Wordpress Bangla IME project initiated by Hasin.

  • Working on Google translation. You can find Bangla Google Here.

  • Lavlu
Jamil Ahmed - "Damn I have to finish my Office's Works!"
  • Initiated Mozilla Bangla Localization project and successfully released Bangla version of Mozilla FireFox.

  • Jamil Ahmed
Solaiman Karim - "No one can change my thoughts"
  • Joined our team as a OTF developer. He is also working in Microsoft as a BETA tester of the Unicode Text Rendering Engine (Uniscribe Engine) for Bangla language & Microsoft Official OTF Bangla font Vrinda.

  • He has a lot of energy to research and develop new technology, so now he is looking into the development of a new keyboard layout.

  • Solaiman Karim
If you have any ideas on Ekushey and if you think you can do something by joining us, then please give us your idea & become a member of our team. We need all of your comments & help to help others.